How to use Google Duo Filters and Effects

google duo how to use filters and effects

We use Snapchat, Facebook Messenger & Skype to video call friends. and we use filters and effects during those video calls. These features are also available in Google Duo, and those are easy to use. Let’s guide you through the process.

How to Use Filters and Effects in Google Duo

  1. Open Google Duo in your Phone, Tablet or Chromebook and sign in.
  2. For the first time users of the App, Grant the app Microphone, Camera & Contacts access Permissions.
  3. To get the full-screen view Swipe Down from the middle.
  4. Now you will see the Filters & Effects Button on the Middle right of the screen.
  5. Tap on the Filter button to change the look of your chat with different Filters.
  6. Tap on the Effect button to see the magic like, Become an astronaut, Add funny glasses, Frames, etc.

Now You can change an ordinary Video call to a Creative one. You can fix bad lighting conditions, Poor camera quality using these techniques.  Google will add some interesting filters and Effects on Weekends and Events. So keep an eye on them.

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