Spread of Corona in Dharavi-the largest slum in Asia.

covid 19 corona

The positive cases in Dharavi have increased to 808 on Friday with 25 new cases. The death toll in the most populated slum in Asia has risen to 26. Around 3.6 lakh people live per sq km. Since the announcement of national lockdown, the officials have had a trying time in Dharavi to contain the
disease without spread. In the wake of the first few cases tested positive many of these thickly populated areas were made Containment areas.

Dharavi witnessed a scaring increase in its patients and deaths in the past few weeks. The alarming increase in the cases in the area quickly labeled many areas in the slum as Containment Zones. Though its a relief that the surging corona cases in Dharavi have lowered, the newly tested positive cases appearing in the non-containment areas is an added pressure.

The prime concern of the concerned authorities is the use of public toilets in Dharavi. A crowd of people shares toilets thereby escalating the chances of new cases. Even with organizations helping with food, medicines, and other essentials the group of people who turn up to collect is huge in number. The containment zones have everything delivered to everyone at their doorsteps. Meanwhile, the health workers and officials have been at the forefront of screening people and testing them, isolating people who have been in contact with the positive patients, and locking areas down with a chance of spread.

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