Apple promises to fix Ultrawide Monitor support on Mac M1

If you want to pair a Mac M1 with an ultra-wide monitor life is not pretty right now, but help soon. MacWorld and 9to5 Mac have learned that Apple is offering a MacOS update to address the lack of supported resolutions on UltraVide and Super UltraVide monitors connected to the M1-based Mac. Apple has not said when that solution will arrive, although it is already testing the MacOS Big Sur 11.2, theoretically the solution could be included at that time.

While you may not want to rely on a third-party application to get your monitor to work as intended, the 9to5 Reader has found that a device like Stefan Maduro’s SwitchResX can work as a solution.

The update is a reminder that Apple’s internal processors are still new, and there are some initial issues with monitors: you can not officially connect multiple external displays to new MacBooks. Limited Ultrawide Monitor support may not be a deal-breaker for many people, but you may want to wait a long time if you want to see more apps on your MacBook Air for years.

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