Zoom may launch an email service in 2021 to compete with Gmail

Before 2020, people did not use Zoom as much. Yet Pandemic forced millions of people around the world to rely on video conferencing and Zoom became a household name. The US-based company does not seem to be looking to capture its praise. According to a report from The Information, Zoom is working on email service to compete with Google and Microsoft. It is also reported that the company wants to launch a calendar application.

The report indicates that Zoom will begin testing its email service next year. However, there is no information about the development of the calendar application.
Zoom’s biggest rivals are Microsoft and Google, which offer a wide range of services, including email, video conferencing tools, and Calder applications. Although many companies, including Google and Apple, have extended their work from home until the second half of 2021, some companies may eventually begin to bring employees back to work. If that happens, when, employees will cut down on video conferencing apps, which will not affect Zoom as well. Launching an email service may be just what Zoom needs in a post-pandemic world.

2020 is an extraordinary year for Zoom. At the beginning of the year, its market capitalization was close to $ 19 billion. As of November 2020, the value of Zoom is reported to have risen to $ 140 billion. Despite some shortcomings and security issues, Zoom had a dream life in 2020. Launching an email service will be Zoom’s next big step to compete with companies like Google and Microsoft.

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