Microsoft confirms 10X Death, bringing some features to Windows 10

Microsoft today confirmed the death of Windows 10X, saying it was bringing Key10X features to the Windows 10 mainstream instead.

“After a year of exploration and conversation with customers, we’re convinced that the technology in Windows 10X can be used in more ways and serve more users than we first thought,” wrote a Microsoft blog post. “We have decided not to limit 10X technology to a single subset of customers.”

“We talked to customers and they told us they didn’t need Windows 10X.” More interesting is what happens in the technology developed by Microsoft for Windows 10X.

“Instead of launching Windows 10X into the market in 2021 as we originally intended, we are expanding our travel studies so far and accelerating the integration of the major core 10X technologies into Windows Insider preview builds elsewhere, such as the Microsoft Defender Application Guard, and the Microsoft Defender Application Guard. , The new application container technology that we integrate into products such as modernized touch keyboards with colors and animations. Our teams continue to invest in areas where 10X technology can help meet the needs of our customers and evaluate the technical experience in software and hardware that is useful to our customers. ”

This is a remarkable piece of wisdom. It is not clear why Microsoft could not tell the truth: users, including PC manufacturers, do not need Windows 10X. The software giant has no plans to launch the 10X at any point in the future.

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